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THE TALLINDING PROJECT started as an effort to help with the building of a Nursery School in the area known as Tallinding, which is a part of Serrekunda, the largest town in The Gambia, West Africa.
The Nursery School was started in 2002 by an elderly British couple who live in The Gambia but was little more than foundations when we became involved in raising the money to continue with the building.

The land is tribal land, equivalent to the village green, and the village elders had requested help to provide Nursery Education for the village children. The local people got together to provide the labour and we raised the money to buy the materials. This is a community effort, the local parents have formed a school committee which governs the school and hires the teachers, all local people. The children pay a small fee which goes towards the teachers salaries and the running costs but it will be some time before the school is totally self supporting.

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